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Post Dissolution, Deanna Rusch: "Super honest. Very upfront about the process. Was in communication the entire time. Gave me peace of mind. I used Deanna for a parenting plan joint decision making contempt charge I was facing in regards to getting my son braces. I only wish I had hired her sooner. Commissioner had ruled in my favor and thrown out the contempt charge after hearing all of the facts and having known history about my case. Unfortunately, my ex-husband appealed the commissioners ruling. When the case was seen by a judge he was very black and white on the topic and unaware of past details which moved him to overrule the commissioner. Even with this outcome, I’m thankful I had Deanna and her team on my side. I still see it as a win/win. Commissioner ruled in my favor and my son is finally smiling in photographs. That’s a huge win in my and my families’ opinion. I’ll use Deanna again if needed. She knows her stuff and makes you a priority."

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