Medical Debt Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Medical Debt Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

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Millions of Americans lost their jobs amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Many will face difficulties in paying their basic expenses and debts.

During these uncertain times, budgeting, saving money, and attempting to preserve your assets is extremely important. Fortunately, Americans can save money through little-known, government-mandated hospital programs offering financial assistance to the millions of American medical debt holders.

Referred to as charity care, financial assistance, or bridge assistance programs, hospitals can make these programs difficult to find, access, and understand. Unfortunately, these programs are underutilized and result in patients paying hospitals more than they must. Even if a patient is aware of these programs, they are frequently wrongly denied leaving them with excessive, debilitating payments and little or no means to pay.

Experienced attorneys can offer valuable advice and assistance to protect you and your family from medical debt. For more information, contact McKean Smith to schedule a comprehensive, in-depth consultation by phone or video conference so we can discuss your options. We have the resources and knowledge to help you and your family navigate through these difficult times.