Enforcement of Oregon’s Stay-At-Home Order

Enforcement of Oregon’s Stay-At-Home Order

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Photo courtesy of PPB

Portland Police Bureau Responds to Governor Brown’s Statewide Stay-At-Home Order

With the uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic, Governor Brown issued a Statewide Executive Order for Oregon regarding the specifics of social distancing, operations of “essential businesses”, recreational obligations, and workplace regulations.

Some of you are probably asking yourselves how officials can enforce the current obligations Gov. Brown has mandated.

The Portland Police Bureau issued a response to Governor Brown’s Statewide order to Stay-At-Home during the COVID-19 pandemic. They have stated, Using an education-first approach,  Officers will attempt to educate violators of the order first, from a distance, in accordance with the six-foot social distancing guidelines. Every effort will be made to gain voluntary compliance with the Governor’s order and provide a warning.

The PPB explains further the steps and precautions which will be taken in enforcing the order and gaining community compliance here